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Aviation Theory Australia is a Bundaberg based flight theory school, whose aim is to provide theory training to recreational (RA-Aus), private (PPL), and commercial (CPL) student pilots.

Student pilots at all levels often find the theory examinations daunting, and individual theory instruction can become costly. There are a number of textbooks on the market, but not all were originally based on the Australian curriculum making the job even more difficult.

Our courses are developed around the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) syllabus and will provide students with all the information required to pass the CASA exams, but more importantly, we strive to make sure that each student has a proper understanding of each subject.

We make the theory side of your training interesting and enjoyable, by going beyond the mere passing of exams, we strive to afford you the knowledge required to ultimately make you a safe and professional pilot.

All of our course materials, including textbooks and presentations, are produced in house and reflect current Australian conditions and standards.


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